Larger, more effective and even closer to the major transformation issues of our time: this is the new LHLK Group. Consisting of the two agencies LHLK Kommunikation GmbH and PRpetuum GmbH, the group now serves all central communication fields in which the future is being shaped.

LHLK and PRpetuum go together so well, that we’ve decided the best way forward is a shared path. Inspired by this realisation, LHLK acquired a 100% stake in PRpetuum GmbH in early 2023. The foundation for this step is sound and strong: a long-standing friendship and collaborative partnership built on trust, a common understanding of communication as the driver and enabler of change, a nearly identical set of values and a shared view of the requirements facing communication consulting in the future. And if that weren’t enough, our service and client portfolios complement each other almost perfectly.

LHLK – LHLK + PRpetuum
LHLK – LHLK + PRpetuum
We shape the future
LHLK – LHLK + PRpetuum

Two agencies, one group, one strategy: that is the way forward for PRpetuum and LHLK. Building on a common strategy spearheaded by the group management team, each agency will operate as an independent brand and business with its own leadership. Beate Paulus and Wolfgang Weinseis will guide PRpetuum in their roles as Managing Directors. They will be joined by Dirk Loesch, who will represent the LHLK Group. Jan Manz, Kathrin Feigl, Susanna Lang and founder Dirk Loesch will head up the LHLK management team.

The best thing about the alliance? Having PRpetuum as part of the LHLK Group opens the door to a world of new opportunities and prospects for both agencies, their staff and their clients.

Together, each agency can make a bigger impact and a bigger difference than it can alone.