A superspreader event

Enough with unfunny: For HD+, we produced the video jukebox “Das wird gut” with Friedrich Liechtenstein. But it wasn’t just good, it was awesome, according to others. And we certainly wouldn’t disagree.

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Sure, there were enough reasons for plenty of people to feel down in the mouth during the pandemic. Covid brought everyday life to a grinding halt and loneliness to the fore. High-quality home entertainment was the only way to avoid losing our minds entirely. We read every post, blog and article online, embracing the artiest of films on television channels hitherto seldom watched just to forget the misery all around. Even a living room full of designer furniture had the potential to become hell on earth.

In spring 2021, there was still no end in sight to the virus.

By early 2021, nearly eight months into the pandemic, there was still no light at the end of the tunnel. With no end to the virus in sight and no government prospects for shared arts and entertainment, HD+ decided to lighten the mood. HD+, Germany’s leading platform for satellite TV, set out to confront the situation head-on – with the right kind of attitude for a brand that promises the best in entertainment. The mission was to bring a little fun back to the world with a healthy portion of unconventional communication, and consciously without any marketing or sales intent.

And that is where LHLK came in. We asked ourselves: What would we do if we could share a bit of fun, off-the-wall art with our favourite people to show them we care and send them our love – all while keeping the socially prescribed physical distance? Together with artist and HD+ advertising spokesman Friedrich Liechtenstein, we came up with Germany’s most entertaining video jukebox.

LHLK – A superspreader event
LHLK – A superspreader event
LHLK – A superspreader event
LHLK – A superspreader event

Thanks to easy-to-use web application and data-based video engine technology from Wonderlandmovies, users were able to generate personalised clips in a matter of seconds and send them to friends by messenger, e-mail or social media. The result was a unique and special way of keeping in touch.

LHLK – A superspreader event

The joy came through in mini videos featuring different preset lockdown characters in which the fabulous Friedrich Liechtenstein addressed the recipients personally and put on brief performances for them. Star DJ Richard Dorfmeister provided the soundtrack, while creative director and producer Christoph Sinemus made sure Friedrich Liechtenstein’s show looked right.

LHLK – A superspreader event

For us, the final weeks of the third-wave lockdown were the perfect time for this superspreader event. And by superspreader, we mean: spread the clip and have super fun. The launch took place on 19 May 2021. By mid-August, nearly 300,000 videos had been requested, reaching more than 25 million people in total. We drew up an integrated marketing plan consisting of media relations, influencer partnerships, social media communication and performance marketing (in collaboration with iCrossing) to underpin and distribute the campaign. Ultimately, the clips were also an ideal tool for HD+ field sales staff in their efforts to approach contacts, partners and multipliers.

> 300k
> 750k
video views
LHLK – A superspreader event
Up to
4,4% CTR
18% more
sales contacts

Sabina, Khanh Vi, Susanna and Jan are particularly proud of having HD+ as a client – one with the sense of fun to not say we’d gone mad. And one willing to agree to the idea of offering a bright light at the end of the Covid tunnel that would magically draw people in. The feedback delivered by HD+, a brand with an expert feel for the world around it and a good sense of humour, is the cherry on the top of a strategic coup for us at LHLK. It shows how much joy and success can result from thinking far, far outside the box.

As an entertainment platform, HD+ benefited from the crisis like few others. And the “Das wird gut” campaign was its way of paying out the social dividends. It even inspired us to wipe the frowns off our own faces.