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Social recruiting is the digital marketplace in the battle for talent. We bring the brightest minds on board for ams OSRAM so that the human factor does not become a brake on growth in times of a shortage of skilled workers.

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The best time is now. At least it is for talented people who are looking to power up their careers in the present. That’s because they are no longer the ones who have to go hunting for a job. Today, the jobs come hunting for them. HR experts often talk about the war for talent, which is inspiring forward-thinking companies to approach suitable candidates rather than waiting for them to apply. Employers take advantage of career websites like LinkedIn, Xing and Kununu – as well as social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – to showcase what they have to offer. Maintaining a presence in these marketplaces of social recruiting is a must for any business that wants to be taken seriously.

War of talents
meets transformation
for the

That is true of ams OSRAM as well – and perhaps even more so. The merger of ams and OSRAM in 2021 marked the amalgamation of two major players to form a global innovation leader in the fields of sensor technology and photonics. As a result, the new company finds itself in the midst of a fundamental transformation process that offers exciting new opportunities, both for the 23,000 or so people who already work for it and those interested in getting on board. asm OSRAM stands for innovation come to life, a fascinating glimpse at the world of tomorrow and the boundless possibilities that exist today. Harnessing that momentum takes the right specialists. Without them, the pace of progress grinds to a halt, making the human factor a risk for growth.

At LHLK, we’ve been working with OSRAM for eight years now. In that time, we’ve partnered up to turn quite a few spectacular projects into major successes, such as the unforgettable #LeadingLights campaign to celebrate the Eurovision Song Contest. This time, it’s our agency’s job to support our client as it rolls out its new identity. Pretty much everything has changed, from the name, product portfolio and positioning, to the company’s look and our contacts. Our job has also become far more challenging. The sporadic Facebook posts of the past have evolved into international social media campaigns with strong, full-video content and community management across every conceivable channel.

LHLK – ams Osram HR

Our approach to B2E digital communication leverages two of our main areas of expertise to achieve a single goal. As experienced social media experts and specialists for employer branding, we are now working to get the best new employees interested in this future-focused company. We are managing all HR-related social media activities and actively making sure that we bring potential applicants together with the right contacts at ams OSRAM. We are enabling deep insights into people’s everyday work and giving the brand not just one face, but as many different faces as possible. In addition, we are tapping into our creativity to support current employees as they use a wide range of platforms to report on the exciting things they get to do, the career options and the many opportunities for growth. By doing so, we have unleashed a wave of identification within the company. And what could be more valuable in times of change than employees who love their jobs?

It fills Franzi, Khanh Vi, Sophie and Susanna with a special sense of pride to see how HR social media basics have evolved over the course of just a few years to become B2E communication on a massive scale that combines two corporate cultures and creates a feeling of unity. And it makes us happy to see how ams OSRAM is climbing employer rankings like Potentialpark and earning praise as a social media hero.­

ams OSRAM is a driving force behind digitalisation. And we are using every digital tool in the box to get the brightest minds on board.