LHLK – Eva-Maria Gose-Fehlisch


We are close, we are progressive, we are impactful. Between disruption and stability, we create a trustworthy framework for communication that is relevant and forward thinking.

We believe that lasting success is rooted in the real.

Real LHLK: people with personality, expertise and convictions. Vibrant, empathetic, curious.

What we want is to be close to people, markets and media. We see communication as the key to social change.


great employees
years of successful communication
customers who count on us
locations in Berlin and Munich

How we are built

The partners – Dirk, Jan, Kathrin and Susanna – run the agency. They embody a wide range of abilities, experience and personalities. This diversity is part of what makes us successful.

Together with PRpetuum, experts in public campaigning and acceptance communication, we form the LHLK Group.

Where we work

We are based in Munich and Berlin. We are also represented by PRpetuum in Frankfurt am Main. Then there’s our vast network and our contacts. Because we’re independent, we’re always open in our choice of the best partners – in Germany and around the world.

Where we come from

Founded in April 2004 by Dirk Loesch, Thomas Hund and Jan Liepold. Thomas Hund passed away in November 2009 following a long period of illness. His fine sense of communicative nuance continues to shape the agency to this day. Jan Liepold stepped aside as a partner and managing director in August 2021 to take on new challenges. Since then, agency founder Dirk Loesch has been working with three partners to guide the agency.


LHLK – Eva-Maria Gose-Fehlisch
LHLK – LHLK Amelie Hagleiter
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LHLK – LHLK Anna-Lena Mlackar
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LHLK – LHLK Eva-Maria Gose-Fehlisch
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LHLK – Eva-Maria Gose-Fehlisch
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LHLK – Eva-Maria Gose-Fehlisch
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