| “100 Masterpieces. BMW Group – 100 Years of Innovation and Enterprise” – The new temporary exhibition at the BMW Museum

From March 10th 2016 on, visitors to the BMW Museum have the opportunity to experience everything about a century’s worth of eventful corporate history. LHLK was live on-site at the exhibition’s exclusive launch.

| LHLK supports first german female astronaute in history

Germany leads the field in global competition. But when it comes to aviation and aerospace, a field that calls for the most demanding technology, there is one very serious weak spot: no German woman has ever been sent into space. This is set to change. Our client HE Space Operations, the first recruitment firm specialising in highly qualified employees for the aerospace sector, plans to send a German female astronaut into space before 2020. And LHLK is supporting this exciting project.

| A Classic from Tomorrow: The presentation of the new Hymermobil B-Class DynamicLine in Munich

For 35 years, HYMER’s B-Class has been setting benchmarks and has established itself as a best-seller among caravan- and motorhome-loving travelers. The next generation of HYMER’s cult-motorhome was revealed to the press on the March 8th in Munich.